Cross-Strait Symposium on Dynamical Systems and Vibration (SDSV 2017)

10-17 December 2017

(Hong Kong: 10-14 Dec and Macau: 14-17 Dec)

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Objective:         To promote extensive research collaboration between cross-strait researchers from Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong/Macau

Organizers:       HK Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 香港理论与应用力学学会(

                        Working Party on Dynamics and Control of CSTAM 中国力学学会动力学与控制专业委员会 (

                        Dept of Electromechanical Eng, Univ of Macau 澳门大学 (

Co-Organizers: Dept of Arch and Civil Eng, City Univ of HK  香港城市大学建筑学及土木工程学系

                        Beijing University of Technology, China 北京工业大学

History:           Yunlin, Taiwan (2010); HK-Macau (2012); Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China (2013); Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2015)

Venues:           City University of Hong Kong

                       University of Macau